A Note From the Owner

A Note From the Owner

I was reading some information on about dog walking, searching for inspiration for encouragement for those that don't currently walk their dogs to get out and walk with their furry mutts or to hire someone to do it. Turns out, although it is best for you as the pet owner to spend time with your pup, bond and train, if you are not available for the mid-day and daily exercise, hiring a dog walker is a wonderful compromise.

Having a mid-day walker for your buddy can encourage proper training and reinforce what you are already providing for them. Additionally, when someone comes in from the outside because the house is generally quiet for 8-9 hours a day, it breaks up the time alone for your pup; in the same way, a human taking a lunch break needs the change from the daily work grind. Otherwise, boredom sets in, and there is not a dog owner in the world that doesn't know what happens when a dog is bored. Finally, walks provide the ever-so-needed ability for higher energy dogs to expel some of the pent-up anxiety that comes with not having their human around all day.

Sitting With a Friend, LLC

*Pricing varies on what your needs are for mid-day walks and depending on where you are located.

So, although we have pricing listed, it's best to give us a call for a personalized quote if you don't fall within the boundaries of our schedule.

Contracted Number walks per week cost: 15-minute visits Cost: 30-minute visits
5 walks per week (M-F) $16.00 $20.00
4 walks per week $17.00 $21.00
3 walks per week $18.00 $22.00
2 walks per week $19.00 $23.00
1 walk per week $20.00 $24.00
Sitting With a Friend, LLC

Not contracted walks:

Morning/Evening walks: $25.00 (Early am and Late PM= +$5)
Weekend Walks: $25.00

M-F Mid-day walks: Each additional family member is $3 per walk
Morning/Evening, and Weekend: $5 for each additional pet

15-minute visits are best for elderly dogs and very small puppies. If there are more than 3 dogs in the home, a 30-minute visit is mandatory.
30-minute visits are best for the dog that needs to get out and move! Even if they don't need to move, perhaps they need the attention.

*If you need a longer visit, we'd love to discuss a specialized quote for you.

Keep Your Life Consistent & on Schedule!

If you are going out of town and you have a precious animal(s) that you will need to leave behind, why not call on one of our pet sitters so that they can be cared for and loved to keep life consistent and on schedule! You may not know it, but when you leave, they may become stressed, and they may do better in their own home. Kenneling often causes animals to have stress responses such as gastrointestinal problems and obsessive behaviors such as scratching, biting, and barking. Most kennels have very strict standards in cleanliness, but unless you are very familiar with the clinic and have seen it at its busiest, would you know how things are run. Every once in a while, a sick animal comes through and will pass fecal parasites and/or kennel cough to other pups that are often boarding. So I'm sure you are thinking now, "Perhaps staying home or with other reliable humans that can give them just as much love as I do maybe the best for them," and we would love to help you!

We have several options for pet sitting while you are away. If you do not see what you are looking for and need more of a custom option, please give us a call so that we can accommodate your pet's needs. With all in-home services, our company is able to provide security by showing that there is someone moving in and out of the house throughout the day. We will put out and pull in your trash, care for plant life, gather mail and packages, and rotate lights to change things up. It is all part of our superior service that makes the grade!

The Independent: In-Home Visits
For the pet that is very independent and only needs to be checked on 1-4 times a day. You would want to use this option if your pet does well alone for 4-8 hours at a time and can use walks, playtime, meals, medications, and fresh water at every visit. Visits can only be provided in 30-minute visits while humans are away.

Cost: $25 per visit $5.00 each additional pet per visit

The needed Cuddles: Overnights
This service is for sleepovers overnight! Does your pet do okay at home, alone, during working hours, but needs a little extra love at night? Does your pet sleep with you or need to know that someone is home to feel at ease? We know a lot of pets that need a little extra love! Hey, we all do! We will provide an evening meal and a quick walk, and we will always be sure to check into your house for the night no later than 10 PM.

We will stay with your beloved until the morning and provide breakfast and a walk, checking out of your home no later than 9 AM. If needed, you can always schedule for a walk in the middle of the day, depending on the schedule that your pet(s) are currently on. We strive to keep everything consistent to relieve any stress that may surface due to their pack being away.
Cost: $85.00 per night $25.00 each additional pet

Vacation at the Hotel: Boarding
Currently, we have limited availability for this service, so book now before space is gone! Here your pet will board in the loving home of one of our pet sitters. They will receive all the love and care that you would provide at home. Be careful! Our boarders have been known to not want to leave!

$60 sm. dog boarding
$80 lg. dog boarding

*Each additional pet from the same family is $20 for a small pup and $30 for a large pup! What a bargain!