Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Julie has been an animal lover her whole life! Often bringing critters home that weren't supposed to exactly be "in the house." More specifically, there was a warm sunny day right after the rain; she found a baby snake down by the stream behind her house. She tried to keep it until her parents discovered that it wasn't the pet kind of snake that you keep. But boy did she try! There has always been a place for animals in her world. Never in a million years would she ever be pet-less. She grew up with cats, dogs, and as an adult, she still has cats, dogs, guinea pigs, as well as snakes, geckos, and bearded dragons. Harnessing this love, she has spent time coordinating community awareness in pet adoption, working in veterinary hospitals under a few amazing Doctors with a dedication to learning about the healthcare of all animals.

Her medical and emergency knowledge is very helpful in understanding the animals that she cares for. Within the company, it is her goal to make sure that the pet care providers that work with her also know and understand healthcare as well as she does so that behavior and activities for all are healthy and appropriate.

Julie has a passion for caring. She believes that when she cares for the people involved in her life, and help to make their life a little easier, there is a satisfaction of knowing that their day could be a little brighter. Helping comes naturally; it is never a chore. She feels that if someone is in need and she is capable of relieving someone's stress by one kind of act, then the time is well spent. Often clients become aware of the extra help and will schedule light cleaning or light shopping attached to their pet services.

The monetary cost of this type of relief is minimal to help others with the hectic daily life that exists in this fast-paced world. She believes that when you live your life treating the whole of the other person and everything around them with the same respect and love, everyone wins, everyone can feel the warmth and gentle hand up to get to the next day.