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Sitting With a Friend has mostly been known through referrals, but we just can't keep it a secret any longer!

We might be that great, or we may just have really high purrfectionist standards! Regardless of how you look at us, Sitting With a Friend is a new approach to pet sitting! We don't just care for the pets in the house, we also care for the humans that are owned by those devoted furry, feathered, and scaled beasties! In addition to our high standard of care that we require for all pet sitting, dog walking, and house sitting services, we have a tendency to go above and beyond. Communication is very important to us as well as the health, safety and security of our clients. Do you have an elderly parent or a loved one living alone? Perhaps you could consider a companion critter! Call us! We offer pet sitters that discreetly visit and care for their pets while checking in on your loved ones. Are you busy? Do you need a little help? We know some people that could pick up that dry cleaning or a bottle of wine, while they are on their way to walk the dog! Call or email for a quote! Not to buzz around with all this excitement, but our personal assistance worker bees are pretty top notch!

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