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A Note From the Owner:

I was reading some information on about dog walking, searching for inspiration for encouragement for those that don’t currently walk their dogs to get out, and walk with their furry mutts, or to hire someone to do it. Turns out, although it is best for you as the pet owner to spend time with your pup, bond and train, if you are not available for the mid day and daily exercise hiring a dog walker is a wonderful compromise. Having a mid-day walker for your buddy can encourage proper training and reinforce what you are already providing for them. Additionally, when someone comes in from the outside, because the house is generally quiet for 8-9 hours a day, it breaks up the time alone for your pup in the same way a human taking a lunch break needs the change from the daily work grind. Otherwise, boredom sets in and there is not a dog owner in the world that doesn’t know what happens when a dog is bored. Finally, walks provide, the ever so needed, ability for higher energy dogs to expel some of the pent up anxiety that comes with not having their human around all day.

*Pricing varies on what your needs are for mid day walks and depending on where you are located. So although we have pricing listed, its best to give us a call for a personalized quote if you don't fall within the boundaries of our schedule.

Number walks per week Cost: 15 minute visits Cost: 30 minute visits
5 walks per week (M-F) $11.00 $15.00
4 walks per week $12.00 $16.00
3 walks per week $13.00 $17.00
2 walks per week $14.00 $18.00
1 walk per week $15.00 $19.00
Not contracted walks: Morning/Evening & weekend walks.  

No available price




M-F Mid day walks: Each additional family member is $3 per walk

Morning/Evening, and Weekend: $5 for each additional pet


15 minute visits: are best for elderly dogs and very small puppies. If there are more than 3 dogs in the home, a 30 minute visit is mandatory.

30 minute visits: are best for the dog that needs to get out and move! Even if they don’t need to move, perhaps they need the attention.

*If you need a longer visit, we’d love to discuss a specialized quote for you.


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