13007341_10206222098815428_5236735077939608351_n    12963380_10206215489210192_3283044597384124030_nHere at Sitting With a Friend we believe that every animal without a family should have one. There are many shelters all over the United States, many of which adopt only to residents that live within the area. However, there are a number of them that will adopt beloved pets to anyone all over the country. We would like to take a moment to thank all the countless volunteers and non-profits that work tirelessly with animals to make life a little sweeter for these animals. My list is small in starting, but as Sitting With a Friend grows, I hope to have the pleasure of posting the rescue groups that we provide service for.

Thank you, and keep going. Keep saving, growing, and loving! Our animals and us appreciate and depend on you. If your rescue group would like to be added to our list, Please use our contact us link and message us. We'd love to help! Sitting with a friend is willing to donate 1 grooming by the Owner per month to any rescue group that would like to be added. This is a first come first serve basis so get your request in early.

Please consider supporting our local rescues:

SHUG: Sighthound Underground